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I’m not an expert in many things, but I’m good at a lot of them. One thing I excel at is eating. Since I like good things, I like to make good food.

I’m also not a licensed anything, so you’re on your own when it comes to safety and precautions when using electrically powered cooking apparatuses, gas heating devices, and sharp utensils. Use whatever level of common sense you have and you’ll probably do fine.

I also encourage you (as you’ll see in some of my posts) to substitute ingredients that you already have in your pantry instead of running out to buy that $8 bottle of molasses that you’ll never use again (unless, of course, you love the dog biscuits that I’ll show you from Cesar Milan).

I’m going to try to do a lot of external linking to products, sites, resources, other bloggers, favorite color generators. Some of them may be affiliate links, some may not. I need to pay for my kitchen gadget habit somehow! If there ever comes a time where a post is sponsored by a company or I’m reviewing a product that I did not purchase and was gifted for the sole purpose of my review, I will continue to operate with full disclosure and inform my readers at the outset of the post.

Food-wise, I’m not formally trained, but I was a terrible vegetarian from 16 to 20something when I realized anemia wasn’t super fun, so I added fish to my diet (mostly in the form of sushi). This kept up for several more years until I tried one of GOOP’s January Detox menus, which has warm chicken broth and some meals with ground chicken.

I’ve perfected seitan (as far as I’m concerned), and have recently made a perfect Thanksgiving Turkey, but I love veggies and can’t get enough of the brassicas (roasted Brussels are simply divine). I still don’t eat red meat (or pork) because it really doesn’t taste good to me, and I’m worried about what it’ll do to my insides if I ever have a hamburger.

I’ll let you know more about me as I think of it.