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Review: Winco FST-6

There was a Facebook meme or a Tweet or some other such thing that suggests, “Welcome to adulthood. You have a favorite spatula now.”

I’m here to introduce you to my favorite (and hopefully your soon-to-be favorite) spatula. This is the Winco FST-6.

This is the best spatula, folks!

I can only assume FST means “Fancy Spatula Turner” or “Fishy Slippy Turny”, but whatever the case may be, it’s the greatest thing in my kitchen right now, and it’s not just for fish.

The Amazon description makes it sound like the blade itself is 11″, but it’s 6.5″ (which is maybe what the -6 is in the product title?), and that’s pretty much all you need for flipping hashbrowns and turkey bacon, relieving sunny-side-up eggs from your “metal tools are safe here!” pan, and possibly flipping a salmon or two.

The stainless steel blade is sturdy and the end has an edge so you can get up under those perfect whites without fear of breaking the wonderfully-runny yolks.

Have I mentioned I’ve perfected the sunny-side egg?

At a mere $6.20 (at the time of this writing), it’s worth a try! I actually just looked into setting up a product giveaway for two lucky readers, but the minimum number of entrants was 200 and I don’t have that kind of audience yet.

Review: GreenPan 4.5-qt Sauté Pan

I was not paid or otherwise compensated for this review.

A million years ago, I bought a cheap Kitchenaid cookware set because I was a poor college kid who’d rather spend her student loan on sushi dinners, acrylic paint, and vellum (I was going to school for Graphic Design) than supplies that would make me a better home cook.

Fast forward a million years and that same 3-qt saucepan got me farther than I ever thought it would. But, since I’m about to turn 42, I figured, “treat yo self!” and I traded that pan in for a brand new GreenPan 4.5-qt Sauté Pan.

Sparkly, like prom night.

This thing is magical; freshly-washed-sheets magical; brand-new-chef’s-knife magical; first-Spring-day-driving-with-the-windows-down, singing-your-heart-out magical.

Cheesy burgers.

Not that I need encouraging, but it makes me look forward to cooking! It heats evenly, makes quick work of enormous burgers, keeps shrimp in tact, and it lets veggies bounce around in oil.

Getting ready for onions.

While this single pan was the cost of the entire set that I’m slowly replacing, it’s worth the investment and I deserve it.

Perfectly sautéed eggplant.

Treat yo self.