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I am so excited about this!

I decided that my recipes need an easy way to communicate how difficult (or easy) they are. So, I wrote a WordPress plugin.

A plugin which will display a number of eggplants that equals the level of effort, knowledge, ingredients, and tools to complete the recipe.


Five eggplants mean it’s piquant, or “challenging”, but I wouldn’t call it difficult or I wouldn’t be telling you that it’s worth it. These recipes may be a two-person endeavor or take longer than a Wednesday night will allow. These might also need a couple of specialized tools or an ingredient that Woodman’s (a local grocer) doesn’t carry.

Four eggplants mean it’s a little less effort, but you still have to chop a lot of veggies or have multiple pans and an oven going at the same time.

Three of those purple wonders mean it needs an average level of effort, time, and/or stirring.

Two means it’s more work than just seasoning something and sticking it in the oven or on the stovetop.

One. Easy-peasy.