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I have an indescribable infatuation with Gina Homolka and her SkinnyTaste cookbooks (and blog). Well, maybe it is describable and I will attempt to do so here.

I own three of her four cookbooks and they all sport a billion post-it flags. This is indicative of the recipes I want to make after the initial run-through when I procure a new cookbook.

I may save time flagging the ones I *don’t* want to make.

This recipe isn’t on her website, so I will IMPLORE you to buy the book, SkinnyTaste Fast & Slow, to get the actual recipe, but her Sea Scallops, Arugula, and Beets is a close approximation that will get you most of the way there.

The best part about the recipe that isn’t in that one ^ is the beets get spiralized and they bake in 15 minutes. 15-minute beets. Can you imagine?

Using your favorite mechanism to spiralize (mine is linked in the “verb” back there), get a couple of beets (one gold and one red makes for a prettier dish), and spiralize the crap out of them.

Two spiralized beets take up a half a sheet pan.

Salt, pepper, and 15 minutes in a 425° oven results in perfectly roasted, toasty, tasty beets.


Meanwhile, make the dressing, which consists of some orange juice (from a real, live orange), white balsamic vinegar (if you have never used this in a dressing, treat yo’ self), and olive oil. Plus Himalayan pink sea salt and ground peppercorns, but since those go in just about everything, it’s mostly without saying.

Real fruit juice makes for a better dressin’.

Toss your favorite greens with the dressing and plate, and grind some more pepper on there for good measure.

Let’s turn our attention to the scallops now. You’ll be happy to know that they take next to no time to cook but need some prep beforehand. So much prep that I didn’t even know about it until researching for this post.

If you buy the frozen scallops (as I do), The Splendid Table recommends soaking them for 30 minutes before drying for 10.

All lined up, like the oysters in the Walrus and the Carpenter.

This next part is funny because Gina’s whole premise is “skinny but still tasty”, which it totally is, but her portion sizes are a lot smaller than mine and I don’t measure vinegar, fat, citrus juice, or salt. So, the recipe calls for 1 tsp. butter. ONE TEASPOON of BUTTER. I said, out loud to no one, “Who uses one teaspoon? I mean, I’m not Paula Deen or anything, but come on!” and put roughly half a tablespoon in the pan with some olive oil because Gina knows what she’s doing.

Oil and buttah.

The pan should be super hot because the scallops need to sear, not cook, and they only need 30 to 90 seconds per side.

Near perfection. Have I said that before?

After the scallops look like that ^, then they are ready to plate.

You don’t have to get each ingredient in every bite, but every bite will be worth it if you do. Enjoy! And go buy all of Gina’s books.